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5 Best Places to Go Ice Skating in Moscow

a group of people walking in the snow

Russians love ice skating and there are more and more skating rinks being opened every year in Moscow. Ice skating is not only an easy method to keep fit during winter in Russia but it’s a great way to spend time with your family, friends and travel companions. And where are the world’s largest skating rinks? Yes, they are in Moscow! Add Moscow ice skating to your list of must-do activities this season and not only you won’t freeze this winter but you will have fun like locals do!

Moscow Ice Skating in VDNKH

Moscow’s VDNKh exhibition centre has the world’s largest outdoor artificial ice skating rink, which was open this year. The rink is expected to host up to 20,000 skaters daily! If you haven’t heard about VDNKH before, you should know that this is a huge park famous for its soviet architecture in its best form and shape, so skating there will take you back in time! Check details here (in Russian).

Moscow Ice Skating in Gorky Park

Skating rink in Gorky Park is the second biggest in Moscow, and in Europe, after VDNKH. From October to March the whole park transforms into a huge ice rink and becomes one of the most popular spots among Muscovites. Last year it was visited by more than half million people! Many decide to go there also because of the music and beautiful lights, which create a unique atmosphere. As an alternative to skating, there are also tracks for cross-country skiers. Check details here.

Moscow Ice Skating Rink on Red Square

Skating directly on the Red Square sounds pretty exciting, right? Ice rink in front of GUM department store is the most touristy one and always crowded. However, it might be a good choice if you want to combine visiting the most important city attractions with some winter fun. After skating you can also try some mulled wine and go small shopping at the Christmas market located on Red Square. Check details here.

Ice skating o Red square

Ice Skating Rink in Hermitage

There are actually two rinks in the Hermitage Garden – one with natural and one with artificial ice. Hermitage is rather small but really unique atmosphere awaits you there. Thousands of lights, illuminated trees and benches as well as romantic music make skating much more cozy and intimate than on other rinks. It is also centrally located and therefore, very easy to reach. Check details here (in Russian).

ice skating in Moscow

Ice Skating in Sokolniki Park

Rink in Sokolniki Park is the largest natural rink in Moscow and one of the most popular ones among its citizens. Except from skates, you can rent there sleds and snow tubes. Expect music and colourful lights, which will make your skating even more fun! Sokolniki Park is also home to Europe’s largest ice sculpture museum, which gives one more reason to visit it! Check details here (in Russian).

What else you should know about ice skating in Moscow?

  • All skating rinks we mentioned above offer skates for rent, and sometimes even for free, so you pay just to enter the rink and not for the shoes.

  • There are, however, some rinks in Moscow without rentals, so it’s always better to check before going there. For example the rink in Moscow zoo – recommend visiting, though!

  • There are cafes and small shops near the skating rinks, which offer hot drinks and snacks, which will help you to keep warm. But better eat a proper meal before you go skating, especially if it’s really freezing.

  • All rinks are extremely crowded on the weekends, so if you have chance to go ice skating at any other day – do it!

  • If you want to combine ice skating with tea drinking and mingling with locals, join our special winter day tour!

  • Last but not least… HAVE FUN!