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3 Things Locals Do On the Red Square in Moscow

a castle on a cloudy day with Red Square in the background

The Moscow Red Square is such a beauty! It is considered to be the main square in Moscow and maybe in the whole of Russia. All the main roads of the capital originate from here.
To take home more, than an obvious picture nearby St Basil Cathedral we suggest you three more things to do on a Moscow Red Square.
empty red square

Drop a coin on Russian’s kilometer zero

You can find the memorial to the kilometer zero in front of the short passage, connecting Red square with Manege square (nearby entrance to the Red Square). There is a tradition to stand with your back to the memorial and drop a coin. They say it will bring luck or make a wish come true!

Eat an ice-cream or drink soda in GUM store

They are selling their Soviet-style ice-cream, so it is a nice thing to buy it and have a walk in great interiors of GUM. It is really fascinating inside, several floors, great architecture, and top boutiques. Also, you can try in the supermarket inside (Gastronom) soda, tastes practically like in Soviet times
For those who want some special experience, we suggest visiting the historical toilet of GUM: rest-room reconstructed from Russian Empire times.

Have a different view of the St. Basil Cathedral from the State Historical Museum

An absolutely amazing museum which has the biggest number of exhibits in the world. We suggest having the guided tour inside because it is cool not only to see those ancient exhibits (personal things of Russian Tsars, attributes of ancient people), but to hear stories of things. As a must-do thing is to visit Nikolsky gates, which are the part of the museum, and to have another view from there to Red Square.
By the way, on Thursdays museum is opened till 9 pm!
tourist on a red square
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