Dutch travel show ‘3 op Reis’ in Moscow

Dutch travel show ‘3 op Reis’ in Moscow


– Go off the beaten track, show the real Moscow and Saint Petersburg, local people, inspiring stories about the cities and unique experiences, good English…– Yes, ExploRussia has an eye for it! ? Last Summer we got such a request from the team of ‘3 op Reis’ Dutch show. ‘3 op Reis’ is translated as ‘Channel 3 Travels’ and it is a popular TV-series about traveling and tourism in the Netherlands. ‘3 op Reis’ team headed by stunning Maurice Lede made a great tour through China and Mongolia, then via the Trans-Siberian Railway exploring Siberia with its cities of Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, and Novosibirsk, then Kazan and finally Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

? The episodes of their show is always a mixture of their presenters’ experiences and adventures and they asked us to help them to organize everything in the best possible way. The team turned out to be a team of passionate travelers who also share the ideas of sustainable travel as the show is not only to entertain but also to educate. Everything that we like and support in our business!

Dutch TV in Saint Petersburg 3 op reis

? So we made our best, supported the logistics of Moscow and St.Pete shooting, our guide Polina and Anna with their personal attitudes and shining eyes made those days a real adventure, showing hidden yards, side streets, restaurants to the team and adding inspiration for making the best episodes about the cities.

? We are always happy to help and contribute into the projects like the Dutch travel show ‘3 op Reis’ and when we see the real result of the work we applaud and invite you to see the episode about Moscow on their site, though you need to know Dutch.

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