One day in Myshkin, city of Golden Ring

One day in Myshkin, city of Golden Ring

Have you ever heard about Myshkin (the literal meaning in English would be “Mouseville”)? This town with the cute unusual name is situated right on the Volga River, around 280km north of Moscow. Only 6 000 people live there! How did this town get its funny name? There are many legends around that but one of the most famous says, that centuries ago a little mouse disturbed Prince Fedor’s sleep near the Volga. The prince was in shock as he saw a snake that wanted to harm him. Suddenly, a heroic little mouse came to rescue him and save him from death.

Nowadays Myshkin is a very cozy place where you can find a lot of interesting things to do for both adults and children. Myshkin is part of the Golden Ring cities around Moscow.

How to get there?

There are many ways to get to Myshkin. You can go by bus, car or train to Yaroslavl and change to a bus there. But there’s also a more exciting way: going by ship along the Volga from Uglich’s port. Going by ship gives you an excellent opportunity to admire nature’s beautiful scenery during your trip. You won’t regret it.

Museums and interesting places

There are more than 20 museums and excursion places situated in Myshkin. You’re better off planning your museum days as nearly all of them close at 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. Don’t worry about the ticket prices, they are very low.

You can start your trip at the “Valenki” Museum (Puschkina (Nikolskaya) street, 18). Although the main focus (obviously) lies on “Valenki” (a kind of boot), you’ll be able to see many different kinds of boots and shoes, which people used to wear in the past and still wear nowadays. You can touch everything in this museum! All pairs of “valenki” were decorated by local people and you’ll find unusual designs. If you take an excursion, you can learn more about how “valenki” are actually made, their history and ways of using them. In the past people used them not only to survive the cold Russian winters, often times young girls told fortunes with “valenki” on Christmas Eve. At the end of excursion, you can buy souvenirs which is a great opportunity to buy one of the traditional Russian national symbols! I already mentioned “valenki” but you’re free to choose any pair you want, maybe you even decide to get another pair for your loved ones at home; it can be a very unexpected and pleasant surprise for your friends.

The next station of your trip could be the “Miniature” museum (Ananinskaya Street, 1), museum of Vodka (Uglichskaya Street, 21) or museum “Miller’s House” (Nikolskaya Street, 18). All these museums and others are super interesting and packed with fascinating history. My personal recommendation, though, are the “Mice Houses” (Nikolskaya Street, 4). This excursion will surprise you. It is a real Kingdom of Mice. You’ll meet its King and Queen and visit a lot of chambers with toy mice, which are all made of different materials. It is the best place in Myshkin for children. There are mice literally everywhere! Many surprises are awaiting you here and one of them will be a rendezvous with real mice. What’s more there’s a breath-taking panorama platform that gives you an amazing view of the town. Words will fail you. Simply pay this place a visit and see for yourself!

What souvenirs to buy in Myshkin?

In Myshkin people often buy little gold mice as souvenirs. They put these mice into their wallets and believe that mice will bring more money. In souvenir shops you’ll find more memorable presents with mice: sweaters, gloves, mittens, socks, toys and others.

It’s time to eat out!

After excursions you can eat out in Myshkin’s café “Myshilovka” (that translates as “mousetrap”). With your order you’ll get free cheese. There’s a famous Russian proverb that goes: free cheese can only be in a mousetrap. English equivalent: there’s no such thing as a free lunch. In this café you won’t pay a lot, don’t worry!

Hotel for resting

If you plan to stay for a night, go to the “Guest House Myshkin Dvor Barabanov” (Kolhozni Pereulok, 11). It’s a good place for recharging your batteries after long walks in the town. This hotel is situated not far from the center of Myshkin, only about 800 meters. The rooms are clean, the prices are reasonable, the food is tasty and many windows in the rooms have a beautiful view of the town.

Enjoy the town’s spirit

I recommend finishing off your trip by simply strolling around Myshkin. On your walk you’ll find a square with a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (a phenomenon that has spread all over the world to honor those who let their lives fighting for their countries), an eternal flame and desks with soldiers’ names. Go to the bank of the Volga and take photos. There you’ll see beautiful sunset. If you visit this town in winter all squares and buildings will be illuminated which is simply a gorgeous image! Of course, the architecture there is old, houses are mostly made of wood and not all monuments are restored. But Myshikin’s atmosphere attracts and fascinates. This modest small town will give you unforgettable moments and positive emotions. It will stay in your memory forever!

This post was written by our amazing intern Alyona who did a great job recounting her experience in Myshkin.

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