Getting ready for FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia

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Getting ready for FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia

21st quadrennial international football tournament is coming to Russia and you wonder what to expect? Today we will tell you the details on venues and reasons to visit them besides obvious love and cheers for your team, tickets and ways of obtaining them, and what Russia has prepared for football fans from around the Globe. Get ready for FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia!

From 14th of June till 15th of July 11 Russian cities will host all stages of the tournament. The main host cities are of course Moscow and Saint Petersburg and all venues have something of a tourism value to offer football fans before and in between the games.

Fifa world cup 2018 stadium

Fifa world cup 2018 stadium

– The heart of the country, Red Square, Kremlin; 12 games, semi-finals and grand finale on the Luzhniki stadium

– The so-called “cultural” capital of Russia, Peterhof, Hermitage; 7 games, semi-finals and war for the bronze on St Petersburg Stadium

  • Nizhny Novgorod

– ancient city established in 1221, Kremlin with thirteen towers proved that 13 can be lucky after all; 6 games including one quarter-finals

– the best Muslim sights and absolutely different side of Russia – tatar’s culture; 6 games including one quarter-finals

  • Sochi

– post-Olimpian heritage, mountains&sea&snow&palm trees; 6 games including one quarter-finals

  • Samara

– aerospace sights, Volga river best views; 6 games including one quarter-finals

  • Rostov-on-Don

– Cossacks rich culture and breathtaking view on Don river; 5 games including one from round 16

  • Saransk

– another side of multicultural Russia – Mordovian; 4 group matches

  • Volgograd

– World War II sights as it is former Stalingrad; 4 group matches

– border between Europe and Asia, the end of Russian Empire; 4 group matches

  • Kaliningrad

– Curonian spit, dancing forest, 4 group matches



It is too early to purchase tickets yet but all information is available for early-bird planning. All Tickets for the games will be available for purchase on the official FIFA website and in the FIFA Venue Ticketing Centres closer to the dates. The price for tickets will vary from $100 up to more than $1000 no certain limit on this end as it depends on the comfort level you want to have. Prices might seem a bit steep but we all know that cheering for your country’s team and seeing the winning goal is priceless.

Moscow symbol

In order to prepare for this event, Russia not only worked on proper sports venues by preparing 12 stadiums in 11 cities and building a fantastic staff of volunteers with more than 20 000 people but also created a unique emblem, mascot and self-irony movie called “ The Game”. Even though the Russian team for quite a long time did not show any extraordinary results in football this sport is dearly loved by locals. In this movie that was categorized as “fantastic comedy” we can see how the Russian team wins the World Cup which is believed both fantasy and comedy by many people.

Yet our hopes are high and we are getting more and more excited as days go by not only to witness world event but also to meet lots of guests from around the Globe. To put a little local touch to the World Cup emblem we mixed together with the silhouette of the World cup with three pieces of Russian culture: icon painting, space exploration and our eternal love for football. The mascot for the event was voted by the general population and the winner is cartoon-drawn Zabivaka wolf which in Russian means “the one who scores”. Yes, we are quite hopeful and ready to have lots of fun!

FIFA world cup 2018 symbol

To learn more about 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia: trip tips, lifehacks, fun facts and everything you need to know while visiting Russia stay tuned for coming posts and check out our blog for more.

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