Local Activist Liza is Making Zaraysk Town into an Attractive Responsible Tourism Destination

Local Activist Liza is Making Zaraysk Town into an Attractive Responsible Tourism Destination

Our story today is about young lady Liza Pechenkina. We are writing about her, because she is acting the change in her town to make it the better place for locals and a great destination for tourists. Her town is called Zaraysk, this historical place is situated 150km south east from Moscow, for now it remains unknown by foreign tourists and by majority of locals too. But we believe it will dramatically change in the nearest future and let us explain why.

Lisa is one of activists who is changing the face of her ancient city to make it an attractive tourist destination. ExploRussia team has met her by chance and got inspired too to make Zaraysk one of the great destinations for sustainable tourism in Russia. This is a great example when change is driven by locals together with loyal local government to create new working places, events and life in their native place. How locals and Liza among them are bringing life back to their city?

  • Together they launched global, regional agricultural festival “Day of the field” and photo feast “Live Zaraysk”. “Day of the field” is held every summer in one of the towns of Moscow region and its main purpose is to create new business opportunities for Russian and international agricultural companies and government with potential investors. It is business with pleasure as various concerts, shows, exhibitions and master-classes are open for visitors all day long. “Live Zaraysk” photo feast is a unique event created and launched by Liza and her comrades along with local government. Annually the central park of the city will become a huge platform divided by themed sections where all kinds of photography arts are presented for visitor’s judgement. The main idea of it is to see how Zaraysk is heading towards bright future yet honoring and respecting the past. Quite fascinating thing to see how city have changed over the years and it gives a wonderful opportunity to young talents wishing to be placed on the radar.
  • Liza’s dad was the one volunteered to help with concept of the town brand. It will be aimed on creating a stronger connection along with affection between the city itself and its citizens. As locals will be more involved in everyday life of the city, the more they will participate in its longterm change projects the more tourists Zaraysk will attract and this is another goal set for town brand concept.
  • Soon in Russia there will be new banknotes of 200 and 2000 rubles. So it was a contest initiated by the National Bank, any city in Russia could participate to be featured on the banknote. Zaraysk not only took part in this competition but was the only small town in the country which overcame the first stage of the contest thanks to the great promotion among citizens and tourists.
  • Great reconstruction was initiated in the city! Businessmen and entrepreneurs made donations for restoration of Water tower and old building facades. Investors are now constructing new hotels and authentic restaurants with the respect to traditions and customs. The center of tourism and infrastructure development is being organized by initiative of the municipality.

The team of passionate young people of different life experience, skills and interests engaged in the same amazing process of making dreams come true.

Why Zaraysk is a great off the beaten path destination around Moscow?

  • Great historical value, low tourist traffic. Zaraysk first noted in 1146 chronicles it has been burnt (not once), it served as a fortress protecting from Crimean and Kazan tatars, it held grand and valuable icons of Orthodox Church. It is only 150 km away from Moscow, so you can perfectly combine it with visiting Russian capital.
  • Become the witness of city development. Visit its historical landmarks and enjoy some freshly restarted sights, all of it by initiative of local people and administration. For example, the brick-and-limestone Kremlin, the St Nicholas Cathedral consecrated in 1681, magnificent Water Tower are open for curious minds due to locals efforts and endless inspiration.
  • Explore this city through the eyes of a local. Have a walk around Zaraysk with passionate local guide, who will tell you about this town development. Many chances are that Liza will be your private guide around Zaraysk and will tell her story personally! To start exploring the city get inspired by Instagram feed of one local photographer Daria Kizyaeva.

ExploRussia took a patronage over this magnificent town and now organizes private off-the-beaten-track trips to Zaraysk with Liza’s help. Be the first one to participate in responsible travel project and help local economy by exploring absolutely outstanding the best Russia tourism story ever. The story of Zaraysk.

We believe in people who take action and responsibility, believe in local people initiative. This is why we see Zaraysk as a great destination in Russia to get a real touch of country, to feel the culture and spirit, it can become one of the highlights of your journey to our country.

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