Garage museum – mecca of modern art in Russia

Garage museum – mecca of modern art in Russia

Explore the modern art of Russia


museum of modern art in Russia


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is another place, which depicts the modern face of Russia. The museum shows once again that this country is not anymore about gloomy Soviet artifacts, but about the new positive vibe, trendy tendencies and innovations in art and life. They say that Garage is one of the most innovative museums in Russia in terms of how exhibits and life of place are set. They have a large library, host activities for kids and lectures for adults, some of them are open and some are for fee.

What fascinates me is how they bring together history and modern approach. Now Garage museum takes the historical building of Vremena Goda (Seasons of the Year) Soviet Modernist restaurant, built in 1968 in Gorky Park. It was reconstructed after a great fire. The architect Rem Koolhaas who made their restoration on tried to preserve many original forms from the previous object and saved unique mosaic in the main hall, which now is the symbol of the museum.


mecca of modern art in Russia

Why guide through contemporary art?

How many times wandering around the museum of modern art somewhere in the world we were thinking “Is this an art indeed? Why this worth being exhibited at all?” The truth is that modern art often means more then it shows. There is a big story behind with personal drama of the artist which often reflects the drama of the whole world. This is when I realized a great value of the guide who showed me around the museum with a private tour. I was privileged to visit the museum during exposition of Louise Bourgeois with her famous Maman spider exhibited in the yard right outside and many of her cages depicting stories of her childhood and family relations.

It was really powerful for me. Usually, my visit to the museum finishes in when I leave it, but not this time. When I got back home I started to google more of her works, about her life and was impressed with what kind of woman she was and what impact she made on arts and culture. I am sure it wouldn’t be the same without the super knowledgeable guide, who took me around the exposition.

modern art in Russia

Worth a full day of your vacation

Another great thing is that Garage museum is located in legendary Gorky Park in Moscow, which is the trendiest place for locals to hang out. In summer it attracts citizens and tourists with big green zones, different festivals and happenings. In winter time there is a great skating ring there. Right next to it there is Museon park with a famous collection of monuments, which were supposed to be destroyed but occasionally made a whole collection and depicts a big part of Russian history.

So you can make it a day or a half-day around Gorky and Muzeon Parks. For example, start with fresh mind exploring contemporary art in Garage museum, then have lunch in one of the numerous cafés in the park, afterwards take a boat trip from the river embankment and finish your day with a casual walk around Gorky and Museon Parks.


Get to and around the museum

Address: 9/32 Krymsky Val, 119049, Moscow, Russia (Gorky Park territory)

Opening hours: 11 a.m.–10 p.m.

Admission: adults – 400 rub; students – 200 rub; children – 100 rub.

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