About trip to Lake Baikal, review by Sandesh

About trip to Lake Baikal, review by Sandesh

Review about trip to lake Baikal and surroundings by Sandesh from India in June 2015:

Lake Baikal sunset

Overall the Trip was great. We had inter action with 3 guides. All of them very extremely nice.
However there is scope for some improvement in the tours. The co-ordination initially was not happening when we did not meet the guide on arrival at the station as per itinerary. However there was a taxi waiting outside for us holding a placard with our names.
Secondly we had to call/ co-ordinate with Leonid for the schedule and time for the next day. It should all have been on the email.
Apart from these co-ordination issues the Trip was simply great. The hike in Litsvyanka was fantastic and so was the guide. Leonid was very good as a guide and took us to really scenic places with great views and also away from the tourists.

We are glad we undertook this trip and had the best time. We would love to visit different parts of Russia in future. Thanks Anna for making this trip happen.

Sandesh S. Urval

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