About Trans-Siberian Railway adventure in 21 days, review by Margaret

About Trans-Siberian Railway adventure in 21 days, review by Margaret

Trans-Siberian train in Summer

We had a Trans-Siberian adventure, and it is amazing to reflect on what we achieved in 21 days. Russia is a vast and beautiful country, and in the limited time we had, we feel we were very fortunate to see as much as we did. A big thank you to yourself and Olga for organizing.

We were also impressed at yours and Olga’s professionalism, as too with all the guides.

As you are seeking feedback, here is ours:

– Amazing adventure planned to allow us to see the main places in a very vast

– Guides were all professional, friendly, informative, respectful and considerate.

– Suggest next time an additional night stay at Lake Bakail and get up very early
next morning to travel to Irkutsk.

– When traveling in the train, suggest the Kupe be fully booked. For example, with Jill, Denis and I in the same Kupe, we often had a fourth person. These people felt uncomfortable with three of us as a group. Also, as they were strangers, we couldn’t sit on their bed etc and so the three of us sometimes just had one seat in the daytime. While this wasn’t really a big issue, as organizers, you could offer people the option of traveling first class, buying all the seats in the one Kupe, or sharing.

Thank you for a great adventure and good luck with the development of your company. We have spoken enthusiastically about our holiday in Russia, and have already given the details of ExploRussia to people interested in planning a holiday.

Thank you again.

Kindest regards

Margaret and Denis

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