Archaeological expedition old Ryazan’. We make history!

Archaeological expedition old Ryazan’. We make history!

Would you like to have a trip to Russia? Well, you are here, so certainly would. We’ll ask in a different way: would you like to have a trip to Russia of 11-13 centuries, witness some places, where great cities of Ancient Rus’ were and touch pieces of house ware and cultural objects of Russian princes, warriors and other citizens of medieval town? It does not need a time machine! It needs just enthusiasm, love of nature and a bit of adventurism.

A five-hour drive from Moscow there is a village Old Ryazan’ (near the city of Ryazan’). This place is famous because about 800 years ago here was one of the most powerful and developed towns of Ancient Rus’ – Ryazan’, the centre of Ryazan principality. This town was completely destroyed by the Tatar-Mongol invasion. For 20 years every summer here works an archaeological expedition of Russian Academy of Sciences and anyone can join it. To the archaeological excavations people come all over Russia and from abroad too. Well, it is not required to be a professional archeologist or historian: if come, you will be taught all basics by experienced experts and enthusiastic amateurs.

Alive history – valuable treasures
You can come to the excavations in any day and for any time. Some people come just for weekend, others – for a week, and there are travelers who spend here the whole season (in 2015 it’ll last from 28 of June till 20-s of August). So it’s not surprising, because here they can truly «touch» the ancient history becoming a participant of real archaeological excavations. They are trusted to do important fieldwork and hold the valuable finds. Every year diggers find ancient treasures in the Old Ryazan ground that have great value for Russian culture and science. House ware, weapons and jewelry of 11-13 centuries, that were found here, are kept in big Russian museums. Last season (2014) archeologists found many great artifacts: treasure with silver and bronze jewels. Historians assume that there on that place was a rich jeweler’s homestead. If come, you also can find some valuable exhibit for a museum. Archeologists of Old Ryazan’ say «We are who make history!» and it’s true.

Beautiful Russian landscapes
Don’t close this article, please, if you think, that we invite you just to dig ☺ After finish fieldwork (4 p.m.) all archeologist have spare time. Ok, firstly it’s necessary to say, that the archeological camp is surrounded by picturesque Russian nature: clear river Oka with its sand beaches is a 3 minutes walk from the camp, near is a beautiful plain with slopes, which offers stunning views. It’s a wonderful place to take photos and moreover some people come here to make video-clips and movies.

Funny rest and interesting people
It’s always fun in the camp! People of different profession and talents come here singly, in pairs and even they take whole family with children. So that it is never boring. Archeologists play sports and board games, create some contests and parties. Everybody finds here good friends and often people meet their love: the most pragmatic person becomes a romantic soul in the camp. Some more information about romance: after sunset (very beautiful sunset!) people gather themselves around the campfire, make barbecue, play guitars and sing song or watch movies. By the way, songs and movies are in different languages and many of archeologists speak English.

Here you can get to know a lot of historical facts
If you are interested of history, you may attend lectures about Ancient Rus’, witch are told by commander of the expedition Igor Strikalov (scientist of the Institute of Archeology RAS). He tells about finds of Old Ryazan’ and demonstrate new relics.

Where we live
Ok, it remains only to learn the condition of living in the camp. Maybe you are fond of camping? So, it’s just great! Because probably you have your own comfortable tent, sleeping bag and another field equipment. If don’t – it’s not a problem: you find everything in the camp! Also you don’t need worry about food – you will be provide with it (4 meals a day, tasty and completely free). There are in the camp warm bath and a kitchen with electricity.

How to get the archeological camp:
1. You need go from Moscow to Ryazan’ (by bus from metro station «Выхино» («Vikhino») or by train from Kazansky railway-station).
2. In Ryazan’ go to bus-stop «Приокский» («Prioksky»). For your comfort it’s best to catch a taxi.
3. From the bus-stop go to town Spassk-Ryazansky.
4. Go by taxi to the arch-camp (just a 5 minute from the town).

The whole trip costs about 15 $.

Well, you are ready to be an archeologist now! Join us and have enjoyable adventures and rest!

If you’d like to join such an archeological adventure, contact us.

Anna Tolokonnikova
Foto by Mikhail Zakharov and Julia Kislyanskaya

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