Quick and Cheap Food in Moscow

Quick and Cheap Food in Moscow

Are you looking for some cheap food in Moscow, which is also tasty and fresh? In Russia, there are a few fast food chains, which serve typical Russian dishes at very reasonable prices. They are spread all around Moscow, in every district and every shopping mall, so you won’t miss them.

Teremok | Теремок

It’s a small world of bliny (pankaces) for every taste! Sweet or hearty, meaty and vegetarian, lighter and for the big hunger. Except from bliny, you will find there soups and “grechkas” (buckweat), both extremely popular in Russia. To drink, ask for kvass – a fermented beverage made from rye bread, which taste reminds of malt beer.


“Mu-mu” is the way Russians vocalize cow sound but it shouldn’t scare you even if you are the biggest fan of beef. In this canteen you will find everything, which is typically served on a Russian table. From salads, soups, main dishes to desserts and drinks, there’s a little something for everyone.
Grabli | Грабли

Grabli is a casual dining restaurant with great choice of dishes. It has the same cantine-style as MU-MU but with more unique and appealing interiors and a “free flow” open kitchen. Grab your tray, wander around, choose whatever makes your mouth water, pay at the cashier and… enjoy your meal!
Kroshka-Kartoshka | Крошка-Картошка

If you think that baked potatoes are eaten only in Turkey – you are wrong! Russian krumpir is simply called kartoshka (potato) and the concept is exactly the same. Baked potatoes stuffed with fillings of your choice are cheap and make you full very fast. Every Kroshka-Kartoshka has very basic and not very cozy setting, so you won’t feel like staying there longer than your meal lasts.

Besides all these chains, there are many casual canteens and diners in Moscow. They are usually called “stolovaya” (столовая) or kulinarnaya (кулинарная). For example this one:

Stolovaya №57 | Столовая №57

Are you dying from tiredness and hunger after hours of sightseeing, visiting Kremlin and admiring the Red Square? Hide in GUM Department Store and on the third floor you will find casual diner. It’s usually crowded but the queue moves fast. If you’re not up to a full meal, you can grab a drink and cake from a separate bar. A scoop of typical Russian ice-cream sold in small kiosks in GUM (ground floor) will be like the icing on the cake!
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