The Best of Moscow Theaters: from Classics to Musicals

The Best of Moscow Theaters: from Classics to Musicals

Visiting the capital of the biggest country in the world one should understand that two days is not enough to explore the whole city. Moscow is full of historical buildings, new modern constructions, parks, theaters and other entertainments. One of the most impressive things about Moscow is its cultural life!

There are 129 different theaters in Moscow with performances every evening. When you are tired after work and looking for some interesting place to spend relaxing evening – theater is the best choice. Even if you’re not a typical fan of theaters, not visiting any of the Moscow theaters is almost equal to a crime! Especially that there is always something even for the most demanding visitors.

Classical plays based on the works of Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoevsky or Shakespeare modern presentations of young and ambitious directors.There are plenty of . At the same time theater is evolving in time, so even if you are bored of classics, it is easy to find . Every theater has its own style, some of them put an accent on decorations and specifics, some pay attention to detailed and accurate acting.

Musical. Few years ago a new genre started developing in Moscow – . There are many musicals coming from Broadway, for example, musical theater M.E.S.S. has performances in English, for example the Musical called Godspell based on famous Broadway story about community of hipsters with extraordinary leader (more info here).

Ballet and opera performances are waiting for you in the Bolshoi Theater. If you plan to visit Moscow – tickets to Bolshoi Theater should be one of the things you have to take care in advance – they are often sold out months before the event.

Small independent theaters have performances in English. But if you get sleepy while watching ballet and never liked opera – don’t worry! Sometimes and even in German. Many theaters have etudes without words. One of them can be found in Ermolova theater based on Dostoevsky’s “Devil”.

Anyway, being able to see all these fantastic performances run in the Moscow theaters is also one more good reason to learn Russian!

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