Best Local and Casual Moscow Bars

Best Local and Casual Moscow Bars

Moscow, known for its glamour, splendor, posh clubs and overpriced cocktails, has also a great choice of casual, laid back bars, perfect for a relaxed evening with friends, cheap buzz and great music. Some tacked away, some a bit trashy, all easy going and definitely loved by locals. Check our list of subjectively picked and personally favoured casual Moscow bars.

It’s not the quality of food, drinks, design (in a soviet style) or even music, which makes you go there and come back again, but the mind-blowing atmosphere that is created. The place is unique especially during summer, when people stand outside, enjoy a beer or shot of vodka, chat with friends, mingle with strangers, or dance on the street in the heart of Moscow. Kamchatka is fun, easygoing bar with cheap alcohol and good mixture of locals and tourists. Go, forget yourself and enjoy!

Dorogaya ya perezvonyu (Darling, I’ll call you later)

Casual bar for casual people. With tasty cocktails, simple but quality food, great music and pleasant atmosphere. It’s a great place to spend a chilled evening with friends, dance the night out or even to watch a football match live. There are already six “Dorogaya ya perezvonyu” bars in Moscow, all made in the same style, with one goal: to make you feel like at home. ExploRussia’s team especially likes the one on Mayakovskaya Street and goes there whenever we need a good bounce.


Although some reviews classify this place as motocafe made for men, Enthusiast is much more than that. It has more of a bohemian or hipster atmosphere and welcomes equally guys and girls. Don’t count on long menu but their huge sandwiches accompanied by refreshing beer are highly recommended. And yes, you can repair your bike there or enlarge your collection of records at their vinyl shop.

Pod Mukhoy (Bar Fly)

Cheap, pleasant, centrally located, laid back bar with a great choice of alcohol. Located in a basement, austerely designed Pod Mukhoy is a good, old-style, simple bar, where pretty much everyone feels comfortable. Music, from hard rock to Italian classics, attracts very diverse audience. Don’t get surprised if you see women’s box or another type of extreme sports screened on the TVs inside. Gets pretty crowded on the weekends but definitely worth visiting, especially if you’re looking for something relaxed and local.

Cafe Mayak

Cafe Mayak is a special place, favoured by journalists, actors, writers and other representatives of local inteligentsia. Functions as a bar and restaurant, which serves good European food and big choice of drinks. Not only you can fill up your stomach here, but also dance on the weekends and listen to live piano (usually on Fridays). Named for the Mayakovsky Theater downstairs, its classic, retro-style decors and arty ambiance remind of a theater buffet.


This list wouldn’t be complete without Propaganda – one of the best spots in Moscow for many locals. Known for its delicious and reasonable priced food served during the day, and crazy nights out (especially on Thursdays and Saturdays), in the rhythm of techno and acid jazz. Come and mingle with locals, students, expats and tourists, who let themselves go in this laid-back bar.

Other casual Moscow bars, which are worth checking out:

Bottle Bar for its smart design, inexpensive drinks and an unusual for Moscow system of discounts, which encourage social sharing and networking.

Krizis Zhanra for delicious food (try their business lunch!), welcoming atmosphere, eclectic crowd and fantastic music.

Rock n Roll bar for its crazy parties (happening all week round) and good old-fashioned American music.

Have fun in Moscow and don’t forget to call us, if, except from a great night out, you’d like to have a great tour around the city!
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