Buy yourself kefir and feel like a Tsar! In Eliseevsky Store

Buy yourself kefir and feel like a Tsar! In Eliseevsky Store

Eliseevsky Store, some people compare it to the food hall at Harrods, is a grocery store in the center of Moscow. Frequently visited by tourists, who admire its luxurious interiors, and by Moscovites, searching for slightly overpriced delicacies. For shopping or not, Eliseevsky is a must-stop!


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Eliseevsky Store was opened in 1901 by Grigory Eliseev, a millionaire from Saint Petersburg, who decided to astound the whole Moscow with his new business. Located on Tverskaya Street 14 in a beautiful building from the 18th century, it became famous for its luxurious interiors in Neo-Baroque style and an exclusive selection of products.

Offering from caviar to French truffles and exotic fruits, Eliseevsky stood out from the other food stores in Moscow.

Its golden ages passed when the communism came. Eliseevsky Store became “Gastronom no. 1”, assortment significantly shrank and well-known for its professionalism staff was replaced by Soviet style sales ladies.




Fortunately, after the fall of communism, Eliseevsky was restored in 2004 (using the original blueprints) and gained back its fame.

Although the competition of shops with fine selection of goods is quite high nowadays, Eliseevsky is still an extremely popular spot among tourists and locals. This is beacuse it has really convenient location and a very unique decor.

Check the stunning chandeliers, huge decorated mirrors and beautifully carved columns. Buying even the simplest loaf of bread in such interiors is an unforgettable experience!

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