Best vegetarian restaurants in Moscow

Best vegetarian restaurants in Moscow

Vegetarian tradition is still not that common and spread in Russia. Though more and more cafés are having veggie menu. This is our list for a decent veggie meal. Check our choice of the best vegetarian restaurants in Moscow.

1. Fruits and veggies on ArtPlay
Vegan place with lovely interior.

Address: Metro Kurskaya, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya street, 10. MAP

It is a self service place, you order at the bar and take your dishes to the table, which you like. Usually they serve several dishes, but different everyday + vegan bakery and fresh juices.

Also this is the home for guys from Black Coffee cooperative (kooperative cherny). They make black coffee with out coffee machine, but with dozen of other methods. In summer they take their coffee and serve it in parks of Moscow.

Each table stands on stairs



2. Smart people (Khitrie Lyudi)
Khitrie Lyudi is our favorite place, we wrote about it earlier. They have great vegetarian menu: veggie carry, bruskettas, eggplants, salads. More then tasty.

Address: 4 Syromyatnicheckiy lane, 1, building 6. MAP


3. Obraz Zhizni (Lifestyle cafe)

Great place with many dishes of Israel cuisine, nice wine and atmosphere.

Address: Prechistinka street, 40/2


Our favorites:

Falafel Eggplants in pita

Israel appetizers

4. Jagannath – a chain of vegetarian cafeterias, self service.

They also have a shop where you can buy Indian spices, many soya products, and more stuff for vegetarians and vegans.

Address: metro Kuznetskiy most, Kuznetskiy most, st. 11

metro Kurskaya, Zemlyanoy Val, st. 24/30

metro Taganskaya, Verkhnyaya Radichshevskaya st. 9A

metro Kitay Gorod, Maroseyka st. 4

Do you know other great vegetarian restaurants in Moscow? Tell us!


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