About bespoke trip to Moscow, review by Klaus (Allianz Europe)

About bespoke trip to Moscow, review by Klaus (Allianz Europe)

Klaus Junker from Germany, former CEO Allianz New Europe, writes about his bespoke trip to Moscow in May 2014:


Dear Olga,

Back in Munich I would like also in the name of our team to send you our sincerest thanks for your great performance of being our guide and entertainer in Moscow. We have enjoyed some very happy and relaxing days under your guidance. You and Julia showed us your marvellous city with great empathy. Everything wasperfectly organized and I think you could feel from our joking and laughters how well we felt during our days in Moscow. We will recommend ExploRussia to our friends as a remarkable group of young and experienced people, who with fresh and alternative ideas make your stay in Moscow a memorable one.

With kindest regards and many heartfelt thanks,

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