(Different) Souvenirs from Russia, Designed and Produced with Love!

(Different) Souvenirs from Russia, Designed and Produced with Love!

We all love souvenirs! In one way or another, almost everyone collects them, because they remind us of special moments, places and events. But do we really want to buy souvenirs from Russia made in China?! Souvenirs can be very personal, and very unique. Instead of a cheesy fridge magnet, you can buy a CD with local music, a cook book, hand-made jewelry or … one of the beautiful pieces of design made by our friend Anna, a young Russian entrepreneur with a creative mind and passionate soul!

We want you to meet Anna Skryabina, designer, illustrator and creativist interested in yoga, sustainable development and eco-friendly communities. Anna runs her own company “FOR YOU”, which offers handmade textile design for home and office, designed and produced with love in Saint Petersburg.


Anna works as an individual entrepreneur in the sphere of graphic design and illustration since 2010. Once she realised that the graphic images she creates are untouchable. We can watch them in sketchbooks, on the computer or in print, but drawings are not alive. “And then I thought that it would be good to touch the graphics. To make it 3D.” – Anna says, and adds – “FOR YOU became a new stage in my life, cause every peace of it is a piece of me. I draw, print, сut out, sew, promote and sell. Each and every piece of artwork is handmade and each contains love, energy, positive emotions. This love is also multiplied, cause my love is combined with feelings of people who buy my handcrafts for gifts for their beloved ones or to their houses to make them special and cozy.”

In Anna’s atelier, we you will find travel pillows, blankets, iPad sleeves, purses and a big variety of toys. Exclusively for ExploRussia, Anna also made unbelievably cute and very unique Matryoshkas!




Interested in Anna’s designs? Send your request directly to Anna (skryabinaanna(at)gmail.com) or approach us, and get an extraordinary souvenir from Russia, made specially for you, with love! See more of “For You” designs on Facebook.

At ExploRussia we support and promote local entrepreneurs. By showcasing them, we want you to see the creative, positive and colorful side of Russia! And maybe, you will find something you’d like to take back home, as a souvenir and a reminder of the good moments spent in Russia 🙂

Are you keen on Russian contemporary art and design? Join us for the Moscow Modern Art Tour and get insight into rich Russian artistic community!

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