UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Russia. 25 unique attractions!

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Russia. 25 unique attractions!

A World Heritage Sites are places, which are listed by the UNESCO as of special cultural or physical significance, and which are said to “represent a masterpiece of human creative genius” and have “outstanding universal value.” 25 natural and cultural properties belong to the Russia UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and obviously, all of them are worth visiting!

If you travel to any part of Russia, don’t forget to visit these breathtaking sites! Check below what to see and where. (In the brackets info about the type of site and when was it inscribed).


Moscow and surroundings 

  • Kremlin and Red Square, Moscow (cultural site, 1990)

  • Ensemble of the Novodevichy Convent (cultural site, 2004)

  • Church of the Ascension, Kolomenskoye (cultural site, 1994)


Golden Ring

  • Architectural Ensemble of the Trinity Sergius Lavra in Sergiev Posad (cultural site, 1993)

  • White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal (cultural site, 1992)

  • Historical Center of the City of Yaroslavl (cultural site, 2005)


Saint Petersburg and surroundings

  • Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments (cultural site, 1990)

  • Historic Monuments of Veliky Novgorod and Surroundings (cultural site,1992)

  • Struve Geodetic Arc (cultural site, 2005)


Northern and Western Russia UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  • Cultural and Historic Ensemble of the Solovetsky Islands (cultural site,1992)

  • Ensemble of the Ferapontov Monastery (cultural site, 2000)

  • Kizhi Pogost (cultural site,1990)

  • Curonian Spit (cultural site, 2000)


Central Russia UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  • Historic and Architectural Complex of the Kazan Kremlin (cultural site, 2000)

  • Citadel, Ancient City and Fortress Buildings of Derbent (cultural site, 2003)

  • Western Caucasus (natural site, 1999)

  • Virgin Komi Forests (natural site, 1995)


Altai Mountains & Lake Baikal

  • Lake Baikal (natural site, 1996)

  • Uvs Nuur Basin (natural site, 2003)

  • Golden Mountains of Altai (natural site, 1998)


Eastern Russia UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  • Central Sikhote-Alin (natural site, 2001)

  • Lena Pillars Nature Park (natural site, 2012)

  • Natural System of Wrangel Island Reserve (natural site, 2004)

  • Putorana Plateau (natural site, 2010)

  • Volcanoes of Kamchatka (natural site, 1996)


Visit the official World Heritage Sites website to read more about particular points of interests.


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