About tailor-made trip to Russia, review by Fred and Eric

About tailor-made trip to Russia, review by Fred and Eric

Eric and Fred Fisher, from USA (Boston), went on a tailor-made trip to Russia in October 2013:


I had a wonderful trip and you exceeded my expectations.You created a unique experience and provided an insight into the new Russia that is exciting and valuable. While it was great to clear some of my bucket list of places to see like the Kremlin and Red Square, the sites you picked, like the exhibition center, were the most interesting. You were more than guides, more like friends showing their city. I will certainly take advantage of your services on my future trips to Russia and highly recommend ExploRussia to my friends and colleagues.

Fond Regards, Fred

Our tailor-made trip to Russia was wonderful. Often, tour guides give their usual recitation and then on to the next spot. It was a great get an introduction to Russia though the eyes of two very personable and fun Russian young people [that’s you!]. Growing up in the Soviet era, I particularly enjoyed finding a new and growing Russia living among the history of your great country. Still working on my Russian for the next trip.

Спасибо большое, Best, Eric

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