About tailor-made trip to Moscow, review by Andreas

About tailor-made trip to Moscow, review by Andreas

Andreas Dressler, journalist from Austria participated in a tailor-made trip to Moscow in May 2013:


Moscow is a fascinating, cosmopolitan metropolis. But spending some time there can be stressful – traffic jams, unfamiliar alphabet, hectic big-city rush. For tourists and business travelers alike, managing to discover the cultural wealth of the Russian capital and people of interest who live and work there can prove to be quite a challenging endeavor. In addition, Moscow is one of the world’s most expensive cities.

Knowing just where and just how is, then, indispensable on the banks of the Moskva. I myself have visited Moscow some 50 times, mostly for business purposes. It was at the ITB tourism fair in Berlin, in 2013, that I happened to meet the ExploRussia team: a tourism provider for Russia of quite a special kind, offering far more in the way of experience in both city and country than do the “typical” sightseeing tour operators.

Olga Sitnik and Anna Mikheikina, who together head the agency, came to Moscow from the great expanses of Russia – two energetic New-Muscovites who share their fellow countrymen’s fascination with their capital and who have been living there for years. In their portfolio, however, they also offer trips to St Petersburg and even to Lake Baikal.

For my trip to Moscow in May 2013, I booked a totally individual program, custom-made to suit my interests – modern Moscow, new design, art and culture in the capital.

The summary of my experience: ExploRussia allows even those who consider themselves familiar with Moscow to discover fascinating “other” sides of the city: flea markets, art markets, modern galleries, factories transformed into art centers, theater, concerts and – perhaps most important of all – a relaxed team with a sense of humor but also totally competent guides interested visitors from all over the world off the beaten path throughout the frenzied city. As for those who are interested in discovering Moscow in a classical fashion, they too will be in good hands with ExploRussia.

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