Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics: Inside the Olympic Park

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics: Inside the Olympic Park

Only yesterday ExploRussia team came back from the capital of Winter Olympic Games 2014 – Sochi. It used to be a popular summer spot back in the USSR times, recently it was slightly forgotten as people started to choose international holiday destinations. Thanks to Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, the city has become qualitative tourist attractions and breathtaking sports facilities. We’re confident that they will bring here a lot of tourists in the upcoming years.

So a bit of report from the Olympic facilities, what is going on there right now, as for 19th of November. All the basic constructions are over, stadiums are functioning and hosting already different sports events. Those constructions, which are on, they are about building temporal objects for Olympic games and make the landscape improvement (plant lawns and trees).

Inside the Olympic Park

We got a chance to get inside of the Olympic Park, the place where are the most of the Olympic objects, not everyone are allowed to get inside, because still many construction works are on. Below are some pictures from it.

This is the stela-torch to which the olympic fire will be brought. It is also the fountain. They say it will be one of the greatest fountains in Europe, they still keep as a secret the ceremony how the fire will get to this torch, how it will mix with the fountain-water effects. But no doubts it should be something tremendous.


Below is the Olympic stadium Fisht named after the highest peak in Krasnodar. It fits 40 000 spectators. Btw all tickets for opening and closing ceremonies, which will be held there, are sold out already. Prices for those started from 800EUR.


This is the Olympic Games Media-Center for 12 000 media representatives from around the world. Just in front there is hotel for them. So from here the latest news from Games will be broadcasted.


This is the main stadium called Bolshoy (yes, as the theatre), can contain up to 12000 spectators. What is cool about it: it is possible to set any kind of video projections on its roof. So at night you can see Sochi Olympics logo on it, projection of skaters or hockey-players running and many more. Really dynamic spectacle. It will host the hockey games and actually it already has hosted a junior’s ice-hockey game.


Right next to it there is the second stadium for ice-hockey which is called Shaiba (translate as шайба). Shaiba is a bit smaller, for 7000 spectators and will host mostly women hockey and Paralympics competitions.



Sports palace Iceberg is for skating, contains 12 000 spectators, already has hosted one of the games of world-cup of short-track in 2013.

There is a separate complex for curling called Ice-cube and Adler-Arena stadium for skating.


After Olympic Games this park will host many international and domestic competitions. One of them is Formula 1 coming up October 2014. Below you can see the Pit Stop.

It was a super-great impression to be in the heart of upcoming Olympic Games. We believe Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics will bring a breakthrough for the development of the region and tourism in the South of Russia.

Feel free to approach ExploRussia to plan your trip to Sochi.

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