[Brosok Na Vostok] 3 Days Away From St Petersburg

[Brosok Na Vostok] 3 Days Away From St Petersburg

ExploRussia is happy to become info partners of a great team, who now is on the way from St Petersburg to Sakhalin making great expedition possible! They will travel for 75 days all across the country by car. So far they came till Novosibirsk, which as far as 4000 km from St Petersburg. We will be reporting about their adventures!


First stop on the way of expidition was town called Staraya Ladoga (Old Ladoga, see on the map). According to the name everything hear is “oldest” indeed. It is the oldest city in Russia with the oldest street on which stands the oldest Russian fort. Fort was partly destroyed but now is under construction.

After leaving noisy and busy Moscow and St Petersburg guys were happy to get to small and quite place, like Staraya Ladoga and to see where the whole Russia started from – Novgorodskaya Rus.

Staraya Ladoga

place near St Petersburg

where to go from St Petersburg

The second stop on the way was in the city Volkhov, in Leningradskiy Region (St Petersburg region), where is one of the oldest hydroelectric power station in the country. It was launched in 1927 and started the boom in USSR industry. This station guys only passed by, but in some weeks they will arrive to Krasnayarsk, get inside of it and will tell about principles, how they work.

St Petersburg region

city Volkhov

At 3:05 am, which was the next day after the official start of the expedition, guys arrived to Vologda. They were driving the whole night because of the traffic jams on the way and late start from St Petersburg. It is quietly and calm in night Vologda, so guys move on to be on time with their schedule and arrive to the city Kirovo-Chepetsk already on time. Here are nice views of the ancient Russian city.


trip away from St Petersburg

cities near St Petersburg


The next city is called Totma where the team arrives at 7:00 am. And again this city is full of churches, these are extraordinary ones in north-Totma-barocco style. Before there were many of those, but after soviet times only few remained.


expedition car


Previous stop was in Totma, and now team got to Kirovo-Chepetsk and overcame 673 km. The main landmark of this place is narrow gauge railway with the gauge 750 mm. This road was opened in 1945 because of peat extraction in this area. Now this extraction is over and cargo transportation is closed, though passenger transportation still exists. Moreover for locals it is the most conviniant way getting around the area.

Chemical Plant in Kirovo-Chepetsk:


Pictures from narrow gauge railway:

Railway from St Petersburg expedition


Moving further to the East of Russia guys faced first challenges: a trunk which is on the car roof was broken (it was never ready for such weight :)) Creative brain fixed the trunk, enjoy the pictures!

East of Russia

fixing the car during expedition

Next stop of the expedition is in Perm and Yekaterinburg, which is 500 km ahead.


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