Moscow Modern Art & Design. Winzavod and ArtPlay

Moscow modern art

Moscow Modern Art & Design. Winzavod and ArtPlay

Moscow modern art and design scene is young, immature, very bright, vivid and talented. Art districts started to appear in former factories, using its urban design, rough block walls, adding graffiti-spots here and there, putting lights on.

And voila! In this post we would like introduce you to 2 art districts – ArtPlay and Winzavod in Moscow, which are situated close to each other.

We totally recommend going there to get to know different Moscow. We promise tones of fun and stories from history and nowadays, if you join Modern Arts and Design Tour.


What is it?
A former factory of manometers became a big design-district, where leading design, architecture studios rent space. So one who wants to make an apartment or house in a creative not only IKEA style comes here.

Also it is a home to British school of design in Moscow. All in all the place attracts many artistic people, which makes it of course special. From time to time they host exhibitions and hold events.


What to do there?
Walk around, stare on walls, many of them have cool graffiti. Come over a shop, where one can rent a shelf and sell their nice stuff (second hand as well).


Get to the roof of building 3. It is a skating ring in winter and in summer become a bar and hosts band-concerts.


Come over antiques shop to get the idea of Russian furniture design of 19 century.
Where is that?
Metro Kurskaya, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya street, 10. MAP
Afterwards go to Winzavod!


What’s that?
A former wine and beer factory now is the center of contemporary art of Russia. It is more than just a space. It is the institution which is actually impacting the developing of arts in Russian regions and supports young painters.

All the year round they run exhibitions. Several galleries rent a space there, which also have exhibitions or installations.



What to do there?
Check out retro photo-booth and make picture


Visit the main exhibition in the hall which is called Red plant and White plant. It changes from time to time, it is usually not for free, price for the ticket varies and is arout 300 rubles.


Go to vinyl store: if you are a fan for sure you will find interesting things there. If not a fan: totally go there, you will explore the whole new world, the kind and passionate guy will tell you many facts about vinyl.


Main approach: try all doors, behind some of them can hide shop of design accessories, or a gallery or book-store.

Where is it?
4 Syromyatnicheckiy lane, 1, building 6. MAP
If you join us for the Moscow Modern Art and Design tour, after the excursion we will have a workshop. Time when you create something new, remember times of being a kid again and feel so good!


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