International Workers Day in Russia

International Workers Day in Russia

Bank holidays in May are something all Russians are waiting for. At the beginning of May we celebrate not one but two national holidays, including the International Workers Day in Russia. So there are several options what to do in May. You can enjoy all the city-celebrations or escape for a small vocation to the country-side or even abroad.

Come and join us for this very special time in Russia, a May-break! In this post, we will tell you about what Russians usually do during the International Workers Day in Russia.

1st of May – in Soviet Russia was known as “International Worker’s Day”, now it is officially called “Day of spring and labor”. In USSR times it was celebrated with huge parade in every city, and of course in Moscow on Red Square, where the General Secretary of the communist party and government leaders stood atop Lenin’s Mausoleum and waved to the crowds.

For some people, the International Workers Day in Russia is a great opportunity to plan some quality time with family and friends. Go to a dacha (countryside house) or just go outside the city for a barbecue, what we do ourselves with great pleasure.

Very cool event takes place in Novosibirsk: there is a tradition of not a 1 May demonstration, but of a 1 May Monstration. It is the art-parade of absurd slogans, where people express themselves in a friendly, artistic manner. It is a big parody for serious meetings and processions, the great phenomenon of 00’s generation.

Maybe in its own way it is showing the shaping of civil society in Russia. So are you going to Monstration in 2013 or 2014? Pictures from Monstration 2012:

Demonstration in Russia

Some of the slogans “Come closer”, “Why you need a horse?”, “I am dreaming of you”, “Eat a beaver, save a tree”, “Let’s kick everyone who doesn’t get a sarcasm” and many more! It is sad, that many of slogans include a word-game, which is loosing when translating from Russian. This is the time to learn some Russian 🙂

funny demonstration

international workers day in Russia

This is how we celebrate International Workers Day in Russia. And how is it celebrated in your country?

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