Yuri Gagarin – the First Man in Space!

Yuri Gagarin – the First Man in Space!

Today is 52 years since Yuri Gagarin took the first space flight. Russia and former USSR countries are celebrating the Astronautics Day on the 12th of April to commemorate the first manned earth orbit.


Facts about Yuri Gagarin and his first flight to cosmos:
1. It happened on 12th of April 1961
2. Flight was 108 minutes long, maximum distance from Earth was 302 km
3. Aboard spacecraft Vostok-1
4. Place of start: space center Baikonur, Kazakhstan
5. Place of landing – Russia, near city Saratov. Nowadays there are a park and a memorial in this place.
6. Gagarin was 27 years old when flew to the space
7. Since 12th April 1961 around 500 people have been to space

Yuri Gagarin is the hero for every Russian. Kids want to be like him, because he is brave, strong and the first. He inspires adults, because he brings the faith that everything is possible, that a human is capable of more, moreover he is the symbol of kindness and happiness shining with his adorable smile.

Since 2011 this day is named the International Day of Human Space Flight by UN. What is cool since 2001 there is a tradition of Yuri’s Night initiative – party which takes place on 12th of April all around the world to commemorate space exploration. Check it out, maybe this year it is in your city already.

ExploRussia can tailor tour in a Cosmos style which will let you learn many things about cosmos and its heroes in a fun way: to visit Star city, the place where the cosmonauts are training, Monino – the open-air museum of air-forces, and many more.


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