Winter Activities in Russia: Cold Doesn't Matter

Winter Activities in Russia: Cold Doesn't Matter

Winter in Russia? It scares foreigners and has many frightening legends about the cold. But, actually, in this time of the year we enjoy many fun winter activities in Russia, which make you feel being a kid again!

So what are favorite winter activities in Russia? Check the story from our personal diary:).
We skate.

Every Russian city has a skating rink. In Moscow there are many places to skate, some of them are made in the park zones. Our favorite is in Hermitage Garden. There are two skating rinks, one is smaller and is called “VIP” – no one knows why, because once you buy the ticket you can reach to any rink you like. And another skating rink is of natural ice and made in the original park zone, so you skate among trees, which is so cool! Book the tour Skating in Moscow with Russian tea-drinking time.




Hermitage Garden /Sad Ermitazh/
Price: 250 rub entrance ticket, 100 rub/hour skates rental
Working hours:
Monday 14 00 – 23 00;
Tuesday – Friday 12:00 – 23:00;
Saturday, Sunday and national holidays 10:00 – 23:00.
Address: Karetniy Ryad street, 3/7, metro Chekhovskaya, Pushkinskaya

Also we had a chance to go for skating on the rink, which is situated right on Red Square! Unbelievable you say? But anyone can do it actually. Though you have to have some decent budget if visiting on weekend. We were lucky and were part of special audi-session, so get there for free with special invitations. Look, how happy we are! I should say that the quality of ice on this rink is better, well the price is higher as well.



Skating ring on Red Square
Price: entrance ticket from 250 to 500 rub; 100 rub/hour skates rental
Working hours:
Every day from 10:00 – 24:00 (people skate within sessions, session lasts for 80 minutes and starts every 2 hours)
Address: Red Square, metro Okhotniy Ryad, Teatralnaya, Ploshchad Revolutsii

We enjoy being outdoors.

Playing snowballs, sliding down the hill. More snow – more fun. Moscow is not the place, where is a lot of snow. So you go either to Moscow area or just enjoy stay somewhere else than Moscow Pictures below are from city Ryazan, 3h by train from Moscow.

We had pleasure to celebrate there a New Years’ Eve. Just because it is the city where we never have been before, and it was found in 1095. Wow, that’s been a long time ago!





We ski
Cross country skiing is pretty popular here, especially because you do not need a mountain to ski and to have fun!

Our friends loved to ski in Sokolniki park. Fresh air, sports activity amazing combination! Below are couple of pics and directions how to get there.




Skiing in Park Sokolniki
Price: for plastic skis 150rub/2 hours; for half-plastic skis 80 rub/2 hours. Keep in mind that you have to leave damage deposit, which will be returned if nothing happened with skis. Deposit is 1000 rub and passport/ID.
Working hours:
Every day from 10:00 – 20:00
Address: Sokolniki Park, where ski rentals are, see on the map of Sokolniki Park. Metro Sokolniki.

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