Impressions about Russia, a confession of love by Caroline

Impressions about Russia, a confession of love by Caroline

Our friend Caroline Brischi from Brazil shared her impressions about Russia. Below you won’t find any direct guideline, where to go, what to do or how to behave. But surely can see what to expact from Russia and how one can become in love with it! Carol was in Russia three times – 2 times for winter experience and once in summer.

“This is the story of a Brazilian who discovered the real meaning of travel and places that can mark your story. Until the year 2010, I have visited around 10 countries, with attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, etc.. By the year 2010 I also thought tourism with historic buildings could be summarized to European countries that I visited. But in 2010, I was able to discover a new world: Russia! I consider this country a new world because until then I only knew the basic stereotypes of the country: vodka, cold and serious people.

Fortunately, I was wrong, and I discovered much more than that:

• I discovered that this country has the most beautiful city that I could ever visit (St Petersburg)

impressions from Russia

• I discovered that people are more accurate and they are today the best friends of my life

Russian friends

• There is life in Siberia, and Siberia is also a fantastic place
• I discovered foods with unique tastes (Pelimeni)
• Learned that nights can be white, giving you the best walks
• I discovered that even being a huge country, there are also territories outside this large place (Kaliningrad)
• Found a place that has brought me back twice and it makes me want to come back many more times.
• I discovered a country that makes me miss their winter, even though when I’m living Brazilian summer


And much more than discovering all this, I found a new home, that makes me miss every day what I have lived in this amazing country called Russia”


Did you like Caroline’s impressions about Russia? Do you have your own story to share? Contact us and we will be glad to publish it!

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