Walking Tour Along Tverskaya: ExploRussia Launch

Walking Tour Along Tverskaya: ExploRussia Launch

It happened on 20th of October, official launch of our project ExploRussia. We decided to make it something special not just another start-up presentation. So we went for 1h walking tour along Tverskaya street (the main street of Moscow) and then continued with mini-presentation of ExploRussia and a little of shampaign.We were blessed to have sunny weather, so our walking tour was very bright, energetic and so much fun!

We started at the meeting point near Duma, Tverskaya, 2 (near Red Square) and were walking dawn Tverskaya street stopping by houses, monuments and churches to learn about their history and legends.Our guests enjoyed hot wine on the way and some interactive activities: tasting fresh bakeries, and even trying on fake side whiskers to be just like the most famous Russian author Pushkin!!

If you want to join the next walking tour along Tverksya street, just book it on our web-site! Enjoy some pics below, also you can see all of them on ExploRussia Facebook Page.

1. Walking along Tverskaya street, hotel Ritz in the background


2. Listening about the very beautiful and hidden house. It was moved from the first line of Tverskaya street for 50 meters! And when we say “moved” it means this building was indeed physically moved together with its habitats during one night!


3. Story about legendary building on Tverskaya street, where Philippovskaya Bakery was situated. Even trying there very tasty rolls with raisins!


4. In Eleseevsky Store. This store you can find in most of guide books, and it is for sure worth visiting. Functioning these days as a supermarket, when you come inside it looks more like a museum with gorgeous interiors of XVIII century!


5. On Pushkin’s Square – the traditional place to appoint dates and gatherings. It is full of city legends and beautiful buildings to get to know about.


6. After nice tour celebrating the start of our project. We invite you to Explore Moscow and Russia together with ExploRussia!!


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