Basic facts about Moscow. Russia for beginners.

Basic facts about Moscow. Russia for beginners.

Megapolis. Fast, vivid and powerful. Moscow has everything you can and cannot imagine. Churches of 16th century and skyscrapers as you are somewhere in 26thcentury. Posh cars and overcrowded public transport. Many people come here to search for jobs, better life and to fulfill their dreams. If you are interested in Moscow but you don’t know kuch about it yet, this post will give you the basic facts about Moscow.

1. Population and People.

Moscow counts around 11 600 000 inhabitants. It is the most populated city within Europe.

You can hardly say who the muscovite is: to find the person who actually was born in Moscow is a hard task. But usually those who moved from all around the country are very bright people for many reasons: one has to have enough courage to move to such a city, has to be strong to survive here and need a certain luck and right attitude to life to live here happily!

2. Places and sights of Moscow.

Moscow was found in 1147, since than it was gaining its architectural look. You can easily step onto small manor house of somewhat 17th century, be amazed by posh palaces of classicism époque and get to know constructivism or something which is known as Stalin’s architecture.

If you have just a little time and want to get the highlights of Moscow you would want to take the following route. From Red Square, where Kremlin is situated, down to Tverskaya street, which has many indeed beautiful buildings on its sides and finish on Pushkin’s square.


3. Moscow Metro.

The main transportation mean in Moscow is a metro. We would recommend you to take it from time to time, because it is both: very comfortable to get to any place in the city and has marvelous stations interior, made from marble, including stunning pictures and mosaics too. Take a Moscow Metro Tour yourself: start in very center from Ploshchad Revolyucii (Revolution Square) station, which has wonderful statues inside, go ahead to Kievskaya station and change to Ring-line, you can even check out each station there. Just insure you make your underground tour not in a rush hour. It is better to do it after 11 and before 17 or any time on a weekend.


Already intrigued? Just go to Moscow! Start your unforgettable Russian trip from its capital!



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